Holiday Calendar

Any upcoming holidays that will affect the Forex/CFD market during the current month will be displayed on this page. If no dates are displayed, it simply means the Forex/CFD market will not be closed outside of normal hours within the current month.

CAC 40NormalClosedClosed
DAX 30NormalClosedClosed
DOW 30NormalEarly close 15:15Normal
FTSE 100NormalClosedClosed
NAS 100NormalEarly close 15:15Normal
SPX 500NormalEarly close 15:15Normal
VIXXNormalEarly close 15:30Normal
UK SharesNormalClosedClosed
US SharesNormalClosedNormal
EUR SharesNormalClosedClosed
XAU/USDEarly close 23:00ClosedNormal
XAG/USDEarly close 23:00ClosedNormal
XPT/USDEarly close 23:00ClosedNormal
OIL-CNTEarly close 23:00ClosedNormal
NGASEarly close 23:00ClosedNormal
CopperEarly close 23:00ClosedNormal
SUGARNormalClosedLate opening 15:30
COFFEENormalClosedLate opening 15:30

All times provided are in Server Time. Date and Time are subject to change without any prior notice - please be aware that pricing will be dependent upon market conditions and may experience increased volatility due to thin market depth.

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